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About Gas Industry Services Ltd (GIS)

Founded in 2018, Gas Industry Services Ltd (GIS) have rapidly grown to become a leading supplier of medical, industrial, laboratory and specialist gas systems, solutions and services to a wide range of clients throughout Northern Ireland.

We have worked closely with NHS Hospital Trusts and private sector clients across Northern Ireland designing, installing and maintaining various gas systems and are also proud to be the nominated BOC Gases Ltd approved specialist installer for Northern Ireland providing a wide range of installation & maintenance services.

Our team of highly competent professionals have many years of specialised experience within the industry and aim to plan, design and deliver a unique solution tailored to your exact requirements at a competitive price.

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Gas Industry Services Ltd is currently playing a central role through the pandemic by designing, sourcing and installing the medical gas systems for NHS Nightingale Hospitals as well as existing hospital systems to increase the oxygen capacity for ventilators and other respiratory equipment.